SHPA: Central & Southern Illinois Coordinator





SHPA is seeking qualified candidates for the position of: Central & Southern Illinois Coordinator

The Central & Southern Illinois Coordinator of the Supportive Housing Providers Association (SHPA) is the SHPA representative for Central & Southern region of Illinois area networks, planning bodies and collaborations. SHPA plays a significant role in the planning, development, and operations of supportive housing throughout the state of Illinois. SHPA is recognized as the voice of advocacy for supportive housing service funding in the state of Illinois. The Central & Southern Illinois Coordinator assists in rallying SHPA members and supportive housing residents to advocate with their legislators to achieve increases in service funding for existing and new projects every year. The Central & Southern Illinois Coordinator is responsible for technical assistance, member training and support, resident activity and training. This position will also work to preserve and increase supportive housing across Illinois.

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Training & Technical Assistance Trainer/Facilitator 
  • Resident Leadership Trainer
  • Continua of Care Liaison: Central & Southern Region of Illinois
  • Supportive Housing Service Policy and Funding Advocate
Qualified Candidates should have experience in the following areas:
  • DHS Supportive Housing Reporting Requirements
  • HUD Continuum of Care Homeless Supportive Housing Program Guidelines
  • Best Practices of Supportive Housing Operations
  • Advocacy Training for Residents of Supportive Housing
  • Experience in Advocacy for Supportive Housing Policy & Funding 

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Interested parties should submit their resume to [email protected] or contact David Esposito, Executive Director at (217) 321-2476 or [email protected].