SHPA Staff & Board

Supportive Housing Providers Association

 Board of Directors

Executive Committee  

    President:                              Felix Matlock, Mercy Housing (Chicago)
         Vice President:                       Eileen Higgins, Catholic Charities (Chicago)
         Treasurer:                               Ben Stortz, Cornerstone (Joliet)
          Secretary:                              Phyllis Thistlewood, Light the Way, Inc (Metropolis)


Committee Chairs

         Governance Committee
                                      Eileen Higgins,
                                           Catholic Charities (Chicago)
                                           David A. Harrison
                                           Madison County Community Development (Madison County)
         Legislative Committee
                                      Lisa Kuklinski,
                                           Heartland Alliance (Chicago)
         Standards & Best Practices
Armando Smith
Housing Forward (Cook County)
         Residents' Committee                                                                
                                      Meg Martin
                                      South Side Office of Concern (Peoria)

    Board Members

Ann Bihrle, Mercy Housing Lakefront (Chicago)

Bill Nelson, Bridgeway, Inc.(Galesburg)

Frederick Maclin, Amith Health (Chicago)

Angelia Smith, Ford Heights Community Center (Ford Heights)

Armando Smith, Housing Forward (Suburban Cook County)

Lisa Kuklinski, Heartland Alliance (Chicago)

David A Harrison, Madison County Community Development (Madison County)



          Executive Director:                                              David Esposito
         Northern Illinois Coordinator:                             Aaron Eldridge, Sr.